Do you need a dental hygienist in Glasgow?

  • Have your gums ever bled when brushing or flossing?
  • Do your gums look red and inflamed?
  • Have you sometimes got a smelly breath after brushing?
  • Has your dentist told you have gum disease?

If you answered YES to any of these questions then you need to visit one of our dental hygienists.

If you experience any of the listed above then it may be that you are at the first stage of gum disease which can be treated if actioned right away.

Dental Hygienist Glasgow

At our 1Smile Clinics in Glasgow we offer dental hygiene appointments to ensure that we are offering our patients the best possible care when it comes to their oral health. Visiting the hygienist is just as important as visiting the dentist every 6 months but not everyone is aware of this.

Visiting the hygienist

At our 1Smile Clinics in Glasgow we understand that most people are not particularly happy about attending the dentist and adding the hygienist on is just another inconvenience. Although the hygienist is just as important and will do everything they possibly can to help you maintain your teeth and gums to ensure you can keep them as long as possible.

What will happen at my dental hygienist appointment?

At your hygienist appointment the hygienist will have a look at your gums and teeth. They will assess the condition of your gums by calling out numbers to their dental nurse. This is called basic periodontal charting and it is only measuring the depth of your gum margin pockets…if any:
0 = No pocket (really healthy gums)
1 = Slight pocket (healthy gums)
2 = Pocket (unhealthy gums)
3 = Big pocket (really unhealthy gums)

After the hygienist has assessed you gums he will then continue to scale your teeth to remove all tarter. This may be done by hand with a special instrument or using a scaler with high speed water which the dental nurse will catch while aspirating.  After they have scaled your teeth they will polish them which will give you a nice bright smile.

Depending on your level of gum disease our hygienist will inform you how regularly to attend to maintain your gums. If you have healthy gums it is usually along with 6 monthly examinations, but if you have unhealthy gums that need more attention you will be required to attend every 3 months or more

How much does the hygienist cost?

At our City Centre clinic the hygienist runs a clinic every Tuesday and Friday and charges £48 per half hour session.