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Dental Emergency Glasgow Emergency NHS dentist Glasgow


Are you in pain or have a dental emergency and are looking for an emergency NHS dentist in Glasgow?

We have 1smile Clinics located in the city centre, west end and south side of Glasgow and will be more than happy to have one of dentist treat you if you have a dental emergency.

Can I be seen as an emergency patient if I am not registered at your practice?

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We understand that a dental emergency can happen at any time and we do not like anyone sitting in any pain. If you are here on holiday, visiting someone or maybe just don’t have a dentist then yes we would be able to see you as an emergency. It may be the case that you have never had any problems with your teeth and then suddenly you start getting pain or swelling. This happens regularly to patients and our team are always on hand to make sure that you are seen as soon as possible.

What is classed as a dental emergency?

A dental emergency is classed as a few things such as:

Severe pain:

This is the main and very obvious one that patients would phone us for. Toothache is extremely painful and can cause distress, lack of sleep and upset. Toothache can be caused by many things and may suddenly appear.


Swelling is very common and there can be a number of reasons why this has happened to your mouth. The main concern would be that you may have developed an abscess that needs urgent attention. These can be very painful and we recommend that you are seen straight away by a dentist as you will require a course of dental antibiotics.

Excessive bleeding:

This emergency is mostly caused after you have had a tooth extracted by your dentist. At our 1smile Clinics we always provide patients with a post operative sheet if they have had an extraction which explains to them what they can and cannot do after this type of treatment. Excessive bleeding is usually caused if the extraction site has been disturbed and the blood clot has been dislodged.


Trauma is usually common with children due to playing contact sports and running around. It is usually the front teeth are affected but that is not always the case. Trauma can be very painful and you should book an appointment straight away.

When can I be seen?

Emergency Dentist Glasgow

At our 1smile Clinics our main priority is our patient care that is why is you have a dental emergency we will see you the same day for an appointment. We will make sure that we get you out of any pain and help you the best we can.

If you or someone that you know requires an emergency dental appointments please do not hesitate in contacting one of our Glasgow 1smile clinics and we will be happy to arrange an appointment as soon as possible.

Cadden Dental Clinic: 0141 339 6325 (Glasgow West End Dental Surgery)

Renfield Street Dental Care: 0141 221 0690 (Glasgow City Centre Dental Surgery)

Croftfoot Dental Practice: 0141 634 2125 (Glasgow South East Dental Surgery)

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