Teeth Whitening Glasgow City Centre

Laser teeth whitening in GlasgowTeeth whitening involves bleaching your teeth to make your teeth lighter. Although teeth whitening can have an impact on the colour of your teeth it cannot make your teeth completely white however it can lighten the existing colour by several shades.

We have been providing teeth whitening at our dental practice in Glasgow City Centre for a number of years now and are able to provide in surgery whitening and home teeth whitening.

In Surgery whitening

This involves us making use of powerful gels and the skill of our dentists. The treatment times can be as little as 20 minutes however more than one visit is required, this is so we can achieve the best result for your teeth. Our dentists are fully trained provide in surgery whitening and regularly provide this treatment. This means you can expect the in surgery whitening to be carried out by professionals.

Home whitening

This is where the actual whitening takes place outwith the dental practice but is controlled and monitored in surgery. The procedure involves having impressions taken of your teeth, followed by the construction of a customised bleaching tray that is used to apply the whitening gel. Modern gels are effective and by applying little amounts over a 2 week period you will be able to achieve the result that you want. This method is beneficial as it puts you in more control of the whitening.

Teeth whitening is an effective and safe treatment for people in Glasgow City Centre to carry out, the only side effect is that a small number of individuals experience tooth sensitivity for the duration that they whiten their teeth. This sensitivity however can be controlled by items that are given to you  by one of our dentists.

Teeth whitening is affordable for those in Glasgow City Centre who are interested in coming to us for our treatments, we are also able to discuss the costs when you come to us for a consultation. Call us today to arrange a consultation with one of our highly skilled dentists.