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Teeth Whitening

Take advantage of our amazing in practice laser teeth whitening. This is only available at 1Smile Dental Clinic in Glasgow.

Teeth Whitening Glasgow

Laser teeth whitening GlasgowTooth whitening is popular cosmetic treatment. As we grow older our teeth generally become naturally darker in shade. Teeth can also be made darker by our eating and drinking habits e.g. tea, coffee, red wine and cigarettes can all cause staining. However, tooth whitening is a simple, yet highly effective procedure to lighten teeth.

At all our clinics in Glasgow we offer two different methods of teeth whitening. If its quick results you are after we can offer you in-surgery whitening. You simply come in to the practice, we isolate your gums and lips making sure only your teeth are exposed. Then we apply a high concentration of tooth whitening gel to your teeth and 30 minutes later you can leave with a whiter smile. The gel we use has a built in desensitiser so you shouldn’t feel minimum sensitivity during or after the procedure. Patients have had great results with some people getting up to 6 shades lighter!

Custom Made deep bleaching trays only available from a dentist

teeth whitening glasgow

The second method we can offer you is our take-home teeth whitening kit. To get started you attend for a short appointment for us to take impressions of your teeth. We then send these impressions to the lab and have custom made trays made for you and send you home with 4 syringes of whitening gel. The trays are made to fit only your teeth and have little wells for the gel to be applied allowing for maximum coverage and minimum leakage. The beauty of this method is that you are in control. Once you have achieved the tooth shade you want you stop using the gels. Whatever you have left can be used when you feel your teeth are becoming darker again. If the trays are looked properly after they can last for years. All you have to do is visit us and purchase some more syringes of whitening gel.

If tooth whitening is something you are interested in please do not hesitate to book in for a consultation. We can discuss if tooth whitening is appropriate for you and which method may best suit you.

“I always wanted to try tooth whitening and decided to go ahead and treat myself. Now after seeing the results I could not be happier, I didn’t even recognise my own teeth. Definitely recommend  it to anyone ”  Alex 

Enlighten teeth whitening in Glasgow

Laser Teeth Whitening in Glasgow

Our 1Smile Clinic also offer the choice of Enlighten tooth whitening. Enlighten is a professional teeth whitening system which is becoming increasingly popular after featuring in various magazine articles and TV make over shows.

It combines both methods of in-surgery whitening (done by your dentist in practice) and home whitening (which you do at home yourself) and is the only tooth whitening which guarantees your teeth will get to a ‘VITA shade B1’ which is the whitest shade on a normal dentist shade chart. What also makes this stand out from the others is that your results can last for years and years with just some simple maintenance.

This state of the art whitening takes on average 2 weeks to do and all our patients that have the treatment are very happy with the results!

Before and After Enlighten teeth whitening results

Glasgow Teeth Whitening Expert

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