Dental Implants are often the ideal treatment to replace missing teeth or spaces within the mouth. They can restore quality of life, comfort and aesthetics with artificial teeth that look, feel and function like natural teeth that have been lost. They are small biocompatible titanium cylinders which are placed as an artificial root into missing tooth area and surgically guided into the bone for strength and stability.

Do You Have A Failed Implant?

If you experience any of the symptoms you need to get in contact with your dentist as soon as possible. When there is a dental implant failure, it's important to minimise infection and clean the area regularly until you can get to a dentist appointment. Good oral hygiene is crucial in these cases, as soon are you notice an infection and take care of it the better.

Experiencing dental implant failures are rare, but if you ever have issues with your implants, it is important to fix them as soon as possible. We provide treatment for a wide variety of patients who have issues with their dental implants in the Glasgow area. If you have experienced symptoms of dental implant failure, there is no need to suffer anymore. 95% of implants are successful but on the rare occasions that they are not, it's important to get in contact with a dentist that can help you regain your smile again.



Reasons For Failure

Poor oral hygiene.
Lack of bone.
Poor health.
Poor blood supply.
Certain medications.
Allergic reactions to titanium alloy.

Symptoms Of Failure

Loose or shifting implants.
Severe pain or discomfort.
Inflammation or swelling of the gums.
Gum recession around the dental implants. Difficulties chewing or biting.


During and after the treatment, we’ll give you all the advice you need to help you look after your implants. It’s important to follow the aftercare instructions carefully. Your dentist will also advise when they need to see you for follow-up appointments, so they can make sure your implant is secure and healthy

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