Sinus, Bone and Gum Grafting

To restore your smile permanently, implant dentistry is a great option. If you’ve been considering choosing to get dental implants, you might also be thinking about the related procedures, such as sinus, bone and gum grafting.

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Bone grafts and sinus grafts (also known as sinus lifts) are different, but can both be used to accomplish the same result. The aim of these treatments is to create a platform that’s both strong and solid and can be used to effectively place a dental implant. How it works is a bone graft uses a small piece of bone from donor tissue, another area or your body, or from an animal. This piece of bone is then placed into the correct position (usually on the gumline) and then given time to heal. For a sinus lift (or graft), the process focuses on your upper teeth. A small incision is made into the gum tissue, the membrane of the sinus is lifted, and the area is packed with bone powder. Over a period of time, this powder will carefully combine witht he surrounding tissue, strengthening it.

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