Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom teeth grow at the very back of your mouth and are the last teeth that will appear in your mouth. Most people have four wisdom teeth, two at the bottom and two at the top, and normally appear in the late teens or early twenties.

Do I Need Mine Removed?

While most people have no problems with their wisdom teeth, for others when the teeth grow through there just isn’t enough room in the mouth for them which can lead to pain and discomfort. Due to a lack of space, wisdom teeth can also sometimes grow in at a strange angle, which can cause other problems. When wisdom teeth cause pain or irritation due to a lack of space in the mouth or due to the teeth growing in at odd angles, as well as due to the teeth being impacted, wisdom teeth removal can often be a good treatment option, especially as wisdom teeth aren’t needed to eat comfortably.

The wisdom tooth removal process is an extremely common procedure and one that is performed on a regular basis. It’s a relatively safe and straight forward procedure that can often be performed under a local anesthetic. However, in some instances - where the teeth are positioned in a more complex position or are impacted, a general anaesthetic and hospital treatment may be required.

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