Now that masks are coming off, smiles can go back on.  Treat yourself to a smile makeover in Glasgow, with the help of our highly-trained clinicians.  We offer treatments ranging from mouth laundry to dental implants.  Our most popular treatments include composite bonding and tooth whitening.

Why invest in a smile makeover?

Your smile is a crucial part of how you express yourself.  Being able to smile with confidence can make a huge difference to your self-confidence.

It can also help you when you are presenting yourself to other people.  Even when you’re working over videocall, a beautiful smile gets noticed.  It’s even more visible in the real world.



Composite bonding is an affordable, simple and painless way to conceal slight imperfections in teeth.  In general, composite bonding is only used to cover part of the tooth.  This is the main difference between composite bonding and veneers.  Veneers generally cover the whole of the tooth.

You might think that a procedure like composite bonding will only make a small difference to the overall appearance of your teeth.  In actual fact, the results are often far more impressive than you’d expect for the cost and the time involved.


Cleaning your teeth removes dirt and plaque.  It also freshens your breath.  In general, however, it doesn’t have a significant impact on discolouration.  Tooth whitening does just what the name says.  It will get rid of stains to give you a bright, white smile that will still look totally natural.


 With Invisalign or clear aligners we can straighten your teeth with a super convenient and discreet aligner. The aligner sits over your teeth and straightens your teeth, week by week. This is a leading choice for our patients as it has minimal impact on social or working life. The aligners can be simply removed for eating or important meetings/events.

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